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Clinically Proven to Reduce Wrinkles and Improve Glow and Texture

Choose the Right Type of Collagen to Address the Three Main Causes of Skin Aging

NOURISH - Choose the right source of collagen your skin needs

PROTECT - Boost your skin's natural defences against dietary and environmental damage.

BUILD - Improve joint health and help build muscle mass

The Foundation of Healthy Skin: Collagen

Healthy, "normal" skin has a smooth, soft surface, is plump and moist, and has a nice even, unblemished tone and colour.

So why does our skin change when we get older?

To get an answer to this question, we need to go below the surface, beneath the epidermis (the outermost layer of skin) and into the derma - dermatologists refer to it as the "extracellular matrix". This is where all of the real action goes on.

There are three main components to maintaining healthy skin, and when we're young we they occur in high levels in our skin. These three make up your extracellular matrix to provide a healthy foundation for smooth, vibrant and strong skin:


this provides your skin it's firmness and smoothness (over 70% of your skin consists of collagen)

Hyaluronic Acid

which keeps your skin moist and hydrated (~50% of your body's HA is found in the skin)


which supplies your skin with it's elasticity and rebound

Collagen, being 75-80% of your skin in total, is found plentifully within the body from a young age. The declining production in collagen is what starts to cause sagging, wrinkly and dull skin.

But you need to know that it's not just internal factors, but external factors too that can damage the collagen in your skin. This causes undesirable accelerated skin aging which leads to problems like:

Bumpy Skin

Skin Blemishes

Excessive Wrinkles

Peeling Skin

Irritated Skin

Droopy Skin

Why Does Our Skin Start to Wrinkle as we Age?

Intrinsic aging is another name for the natural aging process that happens over the years regardless of external influences. From the age of 20, we begin producing 1-1.5% less skin collagen on average every year, and the loss only accelerates from there. Resulting from this our skin starts to become thinner and more fragile. There's also a similar decline in your skin's production of elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Without supplementation, by the age of 40 we produce, on average, 25% less collagen than we did in our youth, and then by the age of 60, our bodies can be producing as much as 50% less collagen.

Turning Back the Clock

The only way to adequately replace lost collagen is from the inside out.

It's a simple two-part system that address both the production of new collagen and ensuring that that collagen is absorbed by your body.

Getting the right collagen

Human skin is made up of Type 1 collagen. Most collagen powders include the wrong form of collagen for your skin, instead settling for cheap, ineffective Type 3 Bovine (cow) collagen.

Maximising the absorption of that collagen into the body

We need to make sure the collagen we do take is absorbed by the body. Collagen supplements that aren't absorbed by the body are a waste of money and time.

Only Marine Collagen+ provides all of this... one easy to take capsule, replenishing your lost collagen and turning back the clock on your skin for a youthful, glowing look!

Our MARINE COLLAGEN+ is a is a unique combination of sustainably sourced, pure New Zealand Hydrolysed Marine Collagen and a specific NZ Kiwifruit enzyme.

This proprietary combination is shown to significantly increase the uptake and bio-availability of the Marine Protein peptide by more than 270%.

This promotes the foundations of beautiful skin, strong connective tissues, better digestion and sturdy bones.

Each bottle contains 60 x 500mg capsules of Pure NZ Hydrolysed Marine Collagen and Kiwifruit Enzyme.

Koru Nutrition's MARINE COLLAGEN+ contains no fillers, synthetics or nasties.

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